Anonymous asked:

Hi, please can you help me ? I search for a special Photo of Peter for so long but I can't find it or just in very small size. I think it was for a fashion magazine or something; he is sitting on that photo, the upper body a little bent forward. He wears plack pants, got his hairs combed back very elegant and wears a red knit pullover with sleeved rolled up. The backround is blue. Please do you know which one I mean ?? Or anyone ? If so pleeeeease post it, please, I love & need it ! greetings <3

godsavepetedoherty answered:

hmmm, i honestly am not sure if i encountered such photo! out of all the posts i’ve done for four years, i sadly can’t recall each one but if i do come across it i’m sure i will post it here just stay tuned for that if ever xx 

is this the one?